Barbeque for one


Delicious recipes for solo grilling.



Do you live alone or sometimes fancy having a barbeque for yourself? Do you love a summer barbeque with delicious meats and vegetables cooking on a grill?

A barbeque is a unique summer thing; getting friends and family together, sharing food and drinks and having a good time. But there may be times when you find yourself having to cater just for yourself and still have the temptation of firing up the grill for some delicious treats. The good news is that you don’t need a vast crowd to have a successful barbeque. With Barbeque Recipes For One, you can treat yourself to your favourite cooking style whenever you like.

Chapters that provide:
Favourites of beef and pork
Delicious chicken and other poultry recipes
A selection of delicious veggies
Unique seafood dishes and desserts.

Written for severe fans who are happy to get grilling even when eating alone, this book provides you with plenty of ideas to keep you smiling all summer long.

Make the most of your barbeque no matter what the occasion is. Get a copy of this book and see how grilling for one can be just as much fun!