About us

It seems that recipes have no soul. So I am inviting you to bring just that to every listed dish.

Cooking for yourself shouldn’t be a buzz kill. Just follow your heart and put your signature on each dish. You will be happy and keep your appetite satisfied. Food should be fun, delicious and easy to cook because you can also have a tasty dish with simple preparation and essential ingredients. When you don’t want to cook a complete meal and prepare a simple recipe for yourself, we have the perfect ideas to share.

Tips for preparing the perfect dinner for one:

  • You can purchase smaller quantities of ingredients so they won’t oxidize.
  • You get to cook strictly for your cravings.
  • If you want leftovers, consider recipes that serve two to four people.
  • Mac’n’cheese or grilled cheese are tasty dinners for one so you can enjoy your spare time alone, relax and eat only the things you like most.

But also keep in mind that actual cooking means more of following your heart than following recipes; that’s why if you add or remove something from a dish, always do as you feel, it will be a great meal with your name on it!